Wishlist: Turn Remote Program Off

I’m looking through the various features of Glasswire associated with operations on a remotely connected computer. For example, I can run a virus scan on an app in a remote system. It would be good for me to be able to select a remotely running program and turn it off.

Example: I run Netgear Genie on all the machines in my network, but I often forget and leave it running. I would like to be able to see that it is running (Glasswire does that) and turn it off from my Glasswire client.

This to me would be a great security tool. This function could obviously be abused, but caveat emptor.

It might also be an advantage to start an app, but Glasswire monitors and operates on active programs, so I’m not sure that adding that function is as rational though all is accessible on the Start Menu…

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well glasswire is mostlky a firewall, not a remote taskmanafger but that’s still an intresting question.

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