Worried about trashing SSD

I did something maybe can be a solution for this issue …

I moved the GlassWire folder that located in ProgramData hidden folder to an HDD and created a symlink … so all the amounts of writes will go to the HDD, and as I see there is no data been written to my SSD when I check the resource monitor and Crystal Disk Info.
Am I doing it right??

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I think this method will be removed when update GlassWire

Your solution will work fine but I would always prefer the GlassWire solution. The configuration information is stored with the GlassWire application so if you uninstall GlassWire it should remove the database file. Whereas GlassWire will not know to remove the symlink you have created.

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I don’t think in some day I will uninstall GlassWire :stuck_out_tongue: , anyway thank you guys :wink:

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I think it’s not possible easily because I tried this with my ssd. I recovered my data and want to transfer it on the firecuda SSHD but got some errors. After that I read many forums and official documents then I get solution. Please help some easy solution.