Wrong network usage displayed


On the last version of GlassWire for Android (0.0.42r), I report a data usage problem for the Spotify app. I did don’t use 100GB, it’s just impossible.
All is fine about other apps usage, and also fine in Android settings data usage.
I can’t post links or images, then you can’t see the problem.

The GlassWire team will probably have some questions for you.

I’m just intrigued why you say 100GB is impossible. Because it happened over too short a time period? Because you don’t connect using WiFi so your mobile data plan would have run out long before 100GB was reached?

I use Spotify (on Windows and Android) and over the least year or so I have had a few situations where Spotify has used “extra” network bandwidth. Unfortunately, even with GlassWire for Android I can’t see the breakdown of external versus local data usage or the hosts and protocols being used.

  • It “loses” downloaded songs and I have to download them again. I have to keep resetting the playlist download setting to download them again.
  • An issue where it kept downloading the same song over and over. If I hadn’t noticed it creating traffic on the GlassWire graph then I would probably have never known about it. I resolved it by restarting my system. As it didn’t recur I didn’t report the problem to Spotify.
  • Where it updated itself, as it does when I start the program, but it got into some sort of loop. Again, it was fixed by a restart and hasn’t recurred.

@Nathanael_Mtd Thank you for your report.

Could you email our mobile at GlassWire email address and send a screenshot, plus let us know your Spotify settings? We can then try to recreate the problem.

Also, can you tell us what OS version you have and what phone? Do any of your other stats look weird?


Yes sure, I’m going to send all details right now !

We got it and replied, thanks so much for taking the time to do that!

Spotify also has the ability to download songs while on WiFi, just choose “Download”. Then the songs play from your cache instead of using mobile data.

Spotify also has settings/tips online to save your data usage here: https://support.spotify.com/us/using_spotify/system_settings/bandwidth-and-data-usage/