Zero rated Apps

I have 2 “Data Plans” in my Glasswire app, my normal phone data plan and another for Tethering. I’m having trouble with zero rated Apps for my Tethering plan.
I monitor Tethering by selecting ALL apps as zero rated, except for Tethering. It’s been working like a dream (as far as I know) since mid-May when I first starting doing it this way.
Now, I select all 190 apps as zero rated, the only one not checked is Tethering. I finish up, looks good. As long as I’m clicking around the app it sticks. I exit the app to do other things, come back and it un-checks 20 of them and yes, says 170 apps zero rated.
I can’t get it to stick. Is there a max allowed number? I can’t get past this.
Thank you

I’m not sure what I did…or didn’t do, but it’s sticking at 190 now. I’ve really been putting it to the test and it seems we’re good now. I even added 3 more apps and it’s sticking at 193. All good.
I’d be cool with it if you would like to just delete this whole thing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Ok, thanks for your time.

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I’m glad it’s working now! I haven’t seen any other reports of this so I was going to recommend you uninstall our app, restart your phone, then reinstall our app.