[1.1.7b basic] ask to connect mode still blocks connection after allowing

I’m using the ask to connect mode. I tried to connect to my virtualbox server with putty. Glasswire detected the fist connection and blocked it asking if i want to allow. Very good :smile: (I love this feature! That’s why i bought it, THANK YOU VERY MUCH :smile: )
Then I clicked on allow and tried to reconnect. The connection still blocked. I cannot connect to my virtualbox server…

Putty always says:

Network error: Permission denied

found a workaround:

on the firewall tab, i blocked putty manually again by clicking on the fire symbol. and then allowed it again by clicking again and now it works…

the same with winamp. it seems to be a bug, need to allow every program manually…

We found this bug on my own computer and we’re releasing an update in around 10 days. Sorry for the problem!