1.2.57b "Allow Access only from IP" not working

1. I cannot connect to a remote server that has “Allow Access only from IP” enabled unless I already have a working connection when it is disabled.

Here is an example where I have configured two created duplicate Server configurations (should I be able to have two with the same label, I wonder?).
The first “MA03 Ethernet” was connected before I enabled “Allow Access only from IP” on the remote server. As you can see the graph shows monitoring runs fine.
The second “MA03 Ethernet” could not connect after I enabled “Allow Access only from IP” on the remote server. As you can see “The server does not accept remote clients” even though I have entered the correct IP address into the remote server:

I am monitoring from Windows 10 Home, GlassWire Pro 1.2.57b.
The remote server is, Windows 10 Pro, GlassWire Pro 1.2.57b
Remote servers have a password specified - the same on both computers.

I confirmed the same problem occurs if I reverse the monitoring computer.

The problem also occurs when GlassWire restarts after using Exit or when Windows is restarted. But this time it is because the IP addresses are cleared.

2. Restarting GlassWire (either by Exit GlassWire or restarting Windows) cleared the IP addresses that I had entered in the list to “Allow Access only from IP”.

@Remah Reported to the team. We will try to reproduce and fix this problem.

Upgrading to 1.2.61b has changed the situation…

I can now connect but that introduces another problem: “Allow Access only from IP” doesn’t appear to restrict any access now. I can connect from any IP even though there is a list of IP addresses or no IP addresses in the list.

Fixed. The IP address list doesn’t get cleared.

Reported to the team, thanks!

Correction. The situation is different to what I thought.

“Allow access only from IP” didn’t work until after the GlassWire server laptop hibernated. When it returned from hibernation the restricted IP address list is now correctly applied.

If I already have a connection to the GlassWire server then it continues even after I restrict the IP address. If I restart all GlassWire processes on the GlassWire client then IP address restriction works.

I shouldn’t have to restart either GlassWire instance to restrict IP addresses. I presume the check is only performed when the server starts or when there is a new connection.

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Unlike checking “Allow Access only from IP”, unchecking it does act immediately to allow connections from any IP address without any restart of GlassWire.

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