1.2.71 - Slowing down system and leaving surprises

I had this problem with 1.2.5x & 1.2.6x where my system slows to a crawl a few minutes after installing. Only uninstalling and rebooting remedies the problem. Also, each time it happens it leaves a dump on my desktop… (wait for it…)

In previous posts the solution was just to update. Should I just wait for the next release?


Do you use Nahimic audio software? If not can you email us the dump using a cloud service?

If you’re using Nahimic please update to their latest version.

Nope, forgot to mention that I don’t use that software. I’ll upload the dump to the cloud.

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Hey, any updates??? Anything?

Could you reply to the email you sent if you’re still having the issue with the latest update?

Please download GlassWire from www.glasswire.com and do a “clean” install and see if that solves it. Sorry about the problem.

Done, plus another dump.