2.0.123 memory creep

Win 7 64bit
On a fresh reboot Glasswire starts off at 29,242k
24 hours later its at 150,004k and just keeps on getting higher.
Fix? Suggestions?




Are you using Bittorrent? If so you may want to try our Incognito mode. Bittorrent contacts an enormous number of hosts simultaneously, and it’s GlassWire’s job to log all these so it can cause GlassWire to use more resources.

We once had another customer with a similar problem and he was very upset and he did not use Bittorrent, but then he found his computer was infected with malware. You may want to look at your graph and see what’s causing so much resource usage, then analyze any apps responsible with VirusTotal.

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No, no I dont use bittorrent. Im more of a newsgroup guy. No malware, virus or anything like that. I forgot to mention also this was on a idle PC, booted and just left it alone.

Think I may have found the issue. In 24 hours it went from 30meg to 150meg. which was the original issue.
I went into Settings, Server List, where I had 3 local PCs that I was monitoring and I unchecked Enable Connection.
Rebooted. GW started out at 37meg and after almost 2 days is at 54meg.
So for me the issue seems to be monitoring other PCs.

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Thanks for the detailed report.

We will try to recreate the issue on our end.

@Ken_GlassWire, isn’t that expected behaviour because GlassWire is creating a local version of the database from each remote computer?

The issue is when I have enabled connection to monitor other PCs, thats when a memory creep happens. I enabled it 3 days ago and the memory usage for glasswire is at 317megs and just slowly keeps growing. Is that expected behavior when monitoring is enabled for other PCs?

I will ask our QA to test and see if they can recreate this. Thanks for your report.

I discussed this with our team. At some point GlassWire will build a cache, then memory will stop getting higher and will stabilize. But, of course at first memory will build as you add more remote devices.

I hope this helps. Thanks.

This computer is on the same boot, so 7 days ago it was at 317megs and now its at 557megs. Total computer uptime has been 13days 10hours. So this is the memory creep I am referring to.

Glasswire CPU uptime: 121 hours 59 minutes
Memory being used: 1,016,392k
You sure theres not an issue?

1GB seems high to me but I have no idea what the network usage is like for the PCs you are monitoring.

That’s an average of 250MB per PC for your PC and the other three you are monitoring. Compare that with my situation where Windows Task Manager shows 27.8MB for GlassWire.exe and 49.0 MB for the GlassWire Control Service: This is probably relatively low-end in terms of memory requirements because GlassWire is only recording:
3 months history
30 apps
500 hosts

Other users have used a lot more on one PC so it is possible to use that much memory without it being a bug - admittedly those users are usually torrenting:

As an aside, I’m assuming that your memory figure is from Windows Task Manager. Or Is it from somewhere else, e.g. Windows Performance Manager, Windows Resource Manager? I’m also assuming that it is the Private Working Set which is what Task Manager shows as “Memory”. Other memory measures like Private Bytes and Commit provide a quite different results because they are also measuring paged/virtual memory.

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