5 Minute graph looks weird

A bunch of spikes look strange.


If you change the size of the window does it make any difference?

No, it does not. However adjusting it to be more than 5 minutes does, 10min has no spikes. Monitor res is 1440p


Please email details about your monitor resolution and Windows version if possible. Thanks.

Why do I need to email it? 2560x1440, Windows 10 Pro. nVidia gtx980Ti.

Even changing to monitor res to 1080 or something smaller does not get rid of the spikes. adjusting the time slider in the bottom to cover around 10 min seems to be the only solution.

Update on the window resizing,. The wider the windows the more likely it is to have spikes.

When you email sometimes we can make special builds of our software to collect logs and solve problems, but we don’t post those builds in the forum.

Thanks for the info, we’ll investigate and try to recreate this on our own systems.

I will email you. Thanks

It looks like you have some software downloading some data every second or so, with rest periods the same second or so. You could click to spike (on graph) and see what exactly software produced this spike. Or you could open apps list (Apps button) and try find out executable there.