A new device in netwrk

I see a new device in my network. I don’t recognize it and want to block it, but don’t see how to do that. Any help?

Try logging into the admin interface on your router and see if the IP address or MAC of the new device is showing up there.

GlassWire doesn’t have a way to block devices, it is just designed to block programs. That is something that you would need to do in your router. Check your router user manual for that.

If the new device has a weird name that you don’t recognize, it could be a device that you know, just with a different name based on the MAC address used by the manufacturer.

For example, my wireless HP printer shows up as “Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co., Ltd”. That would be the OEM name of the Wi-Fi adapter used in the HP printer. I used the GlassWire device options to assign a “friendly” name to that device.

So it could actually be anything in your household “internet of things”. Just need to do a bit of investigating.

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