A new option : Change the size of the text in Glasswire


Is it possible to change the text size in Glasswire? With my screen and the selected size, the text in Glasswire is very small and I have some difficulties to read information.

Thank you a lot.

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I’ll make screenshots to make it clearer.

An example where the text is too small and the color is too light (on the right, the IP adress and the name of the application.)
The text is too small on the left : ex.: En votre absence …

2 options : the sizes and the colours of the differents texts. Or bigger and darker texts

here a screenshot : “http://perso.numericable.fr/gofranck/petit.jpg

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We’ll try to figure out how to do so, thanks!

Thank you for taking into consideration my request / my remark. Strongly a future release. :smiley:

Is anything happening with this. Great program, but type is too small and made doubly hard to read because it is too light.

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Still working on it. We have some limitations due to the development kits we use.

I second this request. I love what you have to offer but it is seriously disadvantaged by the small font and grey color.

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I agree. I’m 73 and I cannot read the text in GlassWire 1.2.73.


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@franckinou the fone doesnt look small to me, just so by the way. do you perhaps have a screen with an extremely high resolution?