A Windows Firewall Question

I have had Glasswire now for 2 days, I just want to check that the firewall feature only works with Windows Firewall,Windows Firewall needs to be on to use the feature, so if like me you use a different firewall then the Glasswire firewall feature is no use ? I use Comodo Firewall so Windows firewall is “off” to only use one firewall,so does that mean the firewall feature is not available to me.

GlassWire uses Windows firewall so if the Windows firewall is disabled it won’t work for you. However a user posted recently and said GlassWire’s firewall worked with Comodo so I guess it’s possible, but maybe it was a bug…

Ok Thank you.That is what i thought. I have Glasswire 1.0.30b & i thought about what you said of the other person with Comodo firewall. i think he must have both firewalls active because i looked in Action centre and Comodo Firewall reports that it is on,Windows firewall is OFF. However if i turn on the Glasswire Firewall i get a message that it only works with Windows Firewall & my Windows firewall is off Would i like to activate it,Clicking “NO” all stays the same,Clicking “YES” causes Glasswire to activate Windows Firewall for me & going to Action centre Confirms this,So i have to go to Control panel & Windows Firewall do turn it off again.So i would think the guy who said Glasswire is working with Comodo firewall has unknowingly activated Both windows & Comodo Firewalls.Just so you know. i have Windows 7.Home Premium 64 bit, Toshiba Satellite L70-B 119. It came with Windows 8.1 but i Took it off & put Windows 7 on it.

Will you ever make GW to work with other firewalls like Kaspersky,
you know others as well as myself install Internet Security Software, which
includes a security program specific Firewalls.

Will you be able to come up with a work a round if nothing else, cause this
feature of GW will be of no use to anyone like myself without it.

I don’t trust MS firewall or their security defense of my computer, and you
know that only one Firewall can be active at a time. Why not build in an
option in GW to allow a user to change from OS Firewall to a security product firewall.

Thanks TOE$

Kaspersky offers no way to interact with their Firewall that I know of. If they ever offer some way for third party software to work with theirs we’d make it work with GlassWire but currently I think they can’t do so for security reasons.

I did ask the same question myself once about using GlassWire with Comodo firewall. I think most people know that almost every other firewall available offers better protection and more control that Windows firewall offers. But I got pretty much the same reply so i just stopped using GlassWire. It is not so much that we are asking if glasswire can integrate with Comodo or Kaspersky but why is it made so it has to start up windows firewall every time a program is blocked. Why cant GlassWire just forget about windows firewall forget about Comodo & Kaspersky firewall and block the programs independently that we don’t want to give access to the internet? GlassWire is a good program but its a bit like it is being developed by Microsoft and is really just trying to get more people to use windows firewall. So is it that it is impossible to prevent a program connecting to the internet without being or using a full blown firewall,? And it is not possible to prevent a program connecting to the internet without interfering with the operation of an existing working firewall ?


We are working on an update that solves a lot of the problems you mentioned.

If I block an IP or an IP range in the Windows 10 Firewall, will GlassWire confirm / accept this IP blocking ?

Thx in advance for your help


Not yet. We hope to add this feature in the future.