Abandonware software

Its appears this software or at least the support have abandon their users. No response to questions or concerns on the forum, no response to emails sent to help @ glasswire.com.

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I hope not…

I have seen a few replies from the helpdesk to posts in the Glasswire Help category.

Dear Users,

Thank you for this post. I hope you are all doing great.

Please note that we have already introduced the new online Management Console from which the user has the power to control/manage their own subscriptions. Simply Re-install GlassWire and follow the guide. It will guide to to register and star using the Management Console.

Note that help@glasswire.com is fully operational, please do not hesitate to reach out as your success is our priority!

Best regards!

So who is this “Big player”? And where are they based out of? I sent an email to help@glasswire.com last Saturday and still no response.

MSP360, NinjaOne and Atera.com just to name a few but it’s too many to list. They might tell us later when they get things settled with the company. I hope they do a good job in helping them out, whoever it is. :grinning:

That may not be such great news for home users. If the GW software is being absorbed by enterprise RMM, then it is the consumer who may be abandoned as far as future development goes. The big money is in the investments for enterprise level technology.

I notice they suspended Ken_Glasswire’s account - This user is suspended. Reason: No more part of the staff

A shame cause it would have been nice to keep in contact with Ken.


Ken’s stats on the forum:

  • 22.8k posts read
  • 7.0k posts created

He will be missed!!!


That’s what happens when you merge with a company. They’re going to take control and that’s it. I just hope that they do as good a job as the Glasswire team has been doing. I certainly will miss Ken_Glasswire, he was a dedicated member of the team!


Hey, I’m Katie the Product Manager at Glasswire. I’ve recently joined the team here and I’m sorry if we’ve not been responding to support requests as quickly as usual. We’ve had a number of changes here, including the departure of Ken, which we’re going to be sharing an official announcement on very soon. In the meantime, you can tag me in any posts if you need help and I’ll look into getting your questions answered. Rest assured we are still available for help on help@glasswire.com and also here on the community.


They haven’t. I got a response within a day. Thanks, Alice!

Thank you Katie for your response and welcome aboard! :grinning: