Activating GlassWire Basic, Pro, or Elite behind a Proxy

Have a paid version of GlassWire and need to activate, but you’re behind a Proxy? There is a solution.

Please create a proxy.conf file with Notepad and place it at C:\programdata\glasswire\service folder with the following parameters:





Unfortunately this feature is not very secure yet because the proxy username and password are not encrypted. However, if you use an anonymous proxy it won’t be a problem.

We hope to improve this proxy activation feature in the future.

would it be that much of a problem anyway if it’s not encrypted?

I mean

  1. Activation is a one-time process -> you can delete the file after activating
  2. transparent automatic encryption CANNOT, by definition be secure unless you have some special hardware ready for that, meaning they can be decrypted even if GW tries to encrypt by itself.


In most cases it isn’t a problem, and so far I haven’t seen any complaints about it. But we hope to improve this system in the future and we’d like to add encryption in-app to deal with this.

well the best Idea for doing the activation over a proxy would probably be:

  1. in the activation window have a button “use proxy” which opens up settings for a proxy along with the text that the proxy gets used once for the activation and the data wont be stored.

  2. do exactly that.

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