Activation : Multi or unique keys?


I would like buy GlassWire for a Gift (yes a little bit geek gift :wink: ).
If I buy Elite Edition, I will receive a unique key with 10 activation or 10 keys ?

I would split the 10 PCs Key and keep few key for me …



Hello and Welcome to the Glasswire Community!

You would get one Keycode good for 10 PC’s and IMO I don’t see an issue sharing just as long it’s not more than 10 PC’s. Here is the EULA:


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I’d like GlassWire to clarify this because the EULA appears to say something different:

GlassWire Licensing Agreement

  1. You the GlassWire user are granted a non-transferable, non-exclusive license that says you may install and use this software on your own device.
  2. You may not transfer your software license to another person or entity without permission from GlassWire.

Thanks for your answer.
So, i do take 2xPro edition but it’s more expansive than one elite edition with less features :confused:
Sorry but without me … it’s a too expensive

True as I said IMO but I can read it this way I have the Pro version and only 2 pcs so I was going to install on my brothers system that lives down the street but it’s still my license and the max of 3 pcs so I await a reply from Glasswire!


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Yeah, if it works like that then it would be great. :grinning:

Centralized administration of the activated PCs - like Microsoft Office365 and other programs - would also make it easier to manage.

My understanding of Glasswire is that it manages a subnet. No devices that are not in my subnet (even in an attached subnet) show in Glasswire.

Sorry, I should have said “centralized administration of the licenses for the activated PCs”. I didn’t mean managing the PCs.

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@Ken_GlassWire can you please comment on this subject to clarify?


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Hello Everyone,

With GlassWire Elite you get one key, then you use that single key on multiple PCs. I hope this explains. Thanks!

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