Add an advanced options tab with new options

Why do devs here hold back on this program and always using the same answer? “Got to be cautious about Noob users”. Just add features under an advanced tab with a warning that it’s for “advanced users only”. This way we could maybe get more options out of this program and have it do its job more in security than just monitoring and logging.

I feel like devs here are always finding excuses not to add new features to GlassWire and that’s sad to see. I like this program but it is missing needed features for advanced users like port blocking or IP list blocking, or even have a way to block IP ranges knows for bad activity, etc. I always need to use extra software to cover missing mid to advanced security options from this program.

There are hundreds of features “users are needing” that devs here have said that they will be talking internally about implementing but after being part of this community and using this program for some time now I feel like no major new options have been implemented. Is it just me or am I missing something here? I feel like more things are going to the free tear users for history monitoring than actual security. Most security concerns do not come from badly behaving apps but from incoming traffic from IPs that we can see in Glass but no way to block those IPs to begin with. I know it’s easy to critique but this is getting old…

The point is users are requesting additional options to be added to make this program even better.

Thanks for your feedback.

We have actually thought of adding some sort of “advanced” tab/system with a warning as you suggest. But please note there are some other issues that keep us from adding some features:

  1. Resource usage - GlassWire already does quite a lot and it’s quite a trick to keep our resource usage minimal. Sometimes when experimenting with new user features we have found adding certain features makes resource usage go to an unacceptably high level.

  2. Usability - I guess you could argue that an “advanced” tab might fix this, but GlassWire is already quite complex. If we add more and more features eventually the app becomes unusable.

I will say though that we’re about to release an update in the next few days with major “Things” improvements, and after that update we’re making major firewall improvements. I hope you’ll be able to test these changes and give us your feedback.

Also as Windows technology changes some features that caused too many resources previously may no longer do that, so then we can implement many more major features at that time.

We will keep working hard improving GlassWire and adding more features and I hope we’ll add what you want in the future!

I’m with Ken on bracketing advanced in quotes.

It might be easier to suggest which GW features are not “advanced”? I’ll start with Themes and language. What about you?

What all that under Settings > Security isn’t more than just monitoring and logging? Or the Ask To Connect and Block functions for executables under Firewall.

If you’re seeing that in GW, you should find out what’s allowed that.

GW is not an internet security suite and shouldn’t be tasked to “block IP ranges knows for bad activity.” I prefer, among all its other stuff, Windows Security’s Network Realtime Inspection Service, SmartScreen and Virus & Threat Protection.

With respect to your expertise, any IP and/or port blocking is easily accomplished in Defender Firewall. GW won’t make building those rules any simpler, just prettier. Or just continue on with the extra software you use.

Yeah. Most of it’s bloat or click reduction visual enhancement. Otherwise, over the years, the GW team has been responsive to functional improvements and additions requested by the user base. Me included.