Add elite key to online account profile

Hi all

I have an Elite key that I had to reset recently as I’ve installed it on my 3 computers many times over the years when I’ve either broken Windows or whatever and I had a message that it had been activated too many times.

I have not shared the key with anyone else. Support reset the key which is great but told me to add the key to my account to remove the current activation linked to a PC to move it to a new machine, that’s fine, but I can’t see a way to add my Elite key to my account.

Is the suggestion based on the fact that Glasswire is now a subscription service? Am I grandfathered in for life with the new key but I’ll need to reset the key once in a few years?

Many thanks

Hi @f1sh

You have an Elite license. This is one of our legacy codes. It also sounds like you have “lifetime” license. These are rare as we have always run on a yearly subscription model. But every now and then we would run promotions for “lifetime” license. We haven’t done a promotion like thi is over 5 years.

You can continue to use your license on the latest version of Glasswire by selecting “Upgrade via legacy activation code”. You do not need to create a GlassWire account, these are for purchasing and managing out new cloud based license.

If you are upgrading your OS or switching to a new machine, remember to first “deactivate” the license from the device first, to allow you to use the license on the new machine. Otherwise, we can reset it for you as you have previously experienced.