Adobe Creative cloud update in Ask to Connect

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I have a pro version for years now as Glasswire is just awesome but I found a problem. First - I am always in Ask to Connect (don’t see much sense in having a firewall in other modes). When you update any software then usually - Glasswire blocks the new version during installation (cause its a different version number) you click on allow and the software installer retries the connection. But - the crappy and always useless and shitty Creative cloud from Adobe dinosaurs doesnt know this little trick with retrying connection. Or - it does but it re-initiates the whole download every time therefore resulting in another popup from ask to connect glasswire therefore stopping the installation again.

The only solution so far is to turn off the whole firewall during installation of creative cloud which basically leaves your other blocked stuff out in the open for the duration of installation.

Now - I have to use Adobe XD for my work which is free and I have no need to block any adobe stuff at all but its a pain. I understand that there is probably little to do here as its a problem of incompetent adobe installer and not a glasswire problem but I still wanted to ask if there might be some way to resolve this or simply to let you know that this is happening.

Btw - I am talking about the updating of Creative cloud app itself, not the software installed using creative cloud (this updates just fine.

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I have exactly the same problem which is really annoying … Whenever there is an update for the desktop app itself, I download and install it manually, knowing that this is not the way it should be done in an ideal world …

Sorry for not being able to provide any helpful information. Hopefully someone else has a good solution.

Each time Adobe CC Desktop restarts it downloads to a new random temporary folder. So I usually end up dropping the firewall temporarily for these updates.

One solution would be if you could allow certain code sign certificates.

No need to disable the firewall entirely during an install.

Just switch to “Click to Block” mode, and any new connection requests will pass through. Your old rules blocking existing programs will remain in place.

You will receive alerts about any new connections, and they are logged, so you can click to block them as needed…


Can confirm the click to block option is the best way around this…

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Awesome it works thanks a lot!

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I agree that temporarily switching to “Click to Block” is a better solution. Unfortunately, it takes a looong time to switch between modes if you have a lot of rules. Turning the firewall on/off already takes a long time, but the mode switch is much worse.

If you are fairly comfortable with the software that you have installed on your computer (trusted), you could just leave the firewall always set to “Click to Block”.

You would still be alerted to any new outbound connections, and then block them as desired.

It would be quite easy to miss new connections whilst AFK or running a full screen app.

Open the Adobe Application Updater by selecting Help > Updates from your Creative Cloud app. Find the app you want to update and click Update. To update all apps at once, click Update All. The app downloads and updates automatically.

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