Alerts --> device list changed

So everytime Windows 8 boots up or, more precisely, after it finishes booting up, someone or something is removing the TAP-Window s Adapter V9" network device used by my VPN client.

Off I go reinstall the damn client again.

The alerts shown in Glasswire do not provide any details except the fact itself.

Do I need to purchase the full version for that?

I ask this seemingly dumb question because there is no purchase option under Alerts.
There is one under Settings, but it’s not clear it will change the alerts.



The device list change alert is a free feature that will work the same way with the paid version, so paying won’t help.

I found this thread that might help, or maybe not…

This thread mentions some other reasons this could happen but some responses in those threads say those reasons are wrong…

If you feel your PC should work this way you can go to the top left GlassWire menu and then “settings” and then “security” and click the “device list monitor” and disable it, or just get rid of the desktop notification for it there.

thank you very much!

it all makes sense now,