Alerts not logging


Good afternoon,

The Alerts have stopped are not being logged for today on my newly installed Glasswire.
Dates, App and Type are all from yesterday or the day before. I don’t see a way to clear the past entries or refresh the list to reflect today’s date and current Alerts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you,




If you go to your “graph” screen, is GlassWire working and updating your network activity?

If you are talking about our “new” alerts, then those alerts will go away over time as you get less “new” applications accessing the network.


Hi Ken,

Well it was working ok until yesterday but now the program is not working at all. Glasswire is appearing as a small pop up window on my Windows 10 PC. There is nothing I can do to make it any larger than a 4x6 size window. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it twice but nothing is working.

Do you know what this is?





I have not ever heard of that issue with GlassWire, but with Windows if you mouse over the edge of our window a little icon with two arrows should appear. Then you should click and drag the window larger.

It sounds like you did that, but GlassWire will still not get larger?

I can only imagine some files are corrupted somehow and a clean install is required. I apologize for the issue and I have never seen this happen before.


I have done a clean install and it appears fine now. I don’t see a place to re-enter my registration serial number that I bought, does it automatically carry over somehow? Or is there a place where I have to re-enter it?





If you check the top left “GlassWire” menu and it says “deactivate” then you’re already activated.

A clean install should not undo your activation.