Alphabetical order

Version 3.1.484 still does not provide a solution for alphabetical order when clicking on “Applications”. from the menu (I already reported the problem several versions ago).

The problem seems to be solved with the version 3.3.498.
However, I would like to point out that “Roboform Taskbar Icon” always remains at the top of the list !??

Hi @Belga,

Thanks for your message, for me to look into this further, please can you provide a screenshot showing Roboform Taskbar Icon at the top?


Hi Katie,
Here is the screenshot…
This only happens when the internet access is blocked!
Thank you.

Thank you! We will investigate this :slight_smile:

I understand your frustration with the lack of a solution for alphabetical order when clicking on “Applications” from the menu. Unfortunately, it does not appear that this issue has been addressed yet in Version 3.1.484. I suggest you contact the developers of the software directly and explain your issue in detail. They may be able to provide you with a solution or suggest an alternative workaround.

@ GailFrem
Glasswire is on my pc and laptop (less used).
On the PC, I stuck with version 2.3.49, waiting for a solution.
On the laptop, I updated regularly and could see that the problem was completely solved with the version 3.3.499.
When I proceeded to the installation (by overwriting!) of this version on the PC, the alphabetical order was however still not respected. The problem only solved after uninstallation and reinstallation.

@ Katie
By updating to version 501 today, I found that in use the alphabetical order is still not maintained.
At first glance, however, this happens with blocked elements only and not with active and non-active applications.
The problem is therefore not solved.

Hi @Belga

To view the apps in alphabetical order please click on the column header. This allows you to sort the apps in ascending and descending order alphabetically.


And it works for the active apps. For the blocked apps the sorting isn’t alphabetical for me either.
But it’s an improvement from before :slight_smile:

I know that Katie!

If i click one time the order should be alphabethic.
If i click again the order is reversed.
If I click a third time, it’s… anything (but a new click returns to the alphabetical order)!

This is the alphabetic order after a while…

I just found that to keep an alphabetical order it is necessary to do a reinstall and not an overwrite with a new version…
Which unfortunately means that you have to start over each time the blocking or not of the applications! But after a while …
Best regards.

@ Katie
I would like to add that this problem did not exist until version 2.3.449, even with installation of new versions by overwriting.

Hi @Belga,

ahh OkI understand the problem. I have reported this to the team and I will update you once I have an update.