Am having issues with phone

I am having issues with some apps not fully connecting to internet on ONEPLUS 7 PRO

Dropbox app does not allow me to go to Vault.
Oxygen Updater dose not connect to internet.
Community app not going to internet.

This is happening around 5 minutes after reboot of phone.

This may be happening in other apps.

If I turn off GlassWire Firewall all is OK.

Please advise what should be done to resolve issue.

Thank you.


Sorry for the issue.

  1. Go to Google Play and update to our latest version.

  2. Go to our bottom right menu and choose “settings” then “firewall” and switch to “default”.

Did it solve it? If not, can you reboot your phone and see if it solved it?

This seems to have worked.

Thank you.

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I have solved issue.

I tried reinstallation with no luck

What seems to have worked is changing Firewall settings from Experimental to Default.