Am i safe from my ISP with Glasswire VPN

Hey folks

Just updgraded to Glasswire Pro on android.

Was hoping to get the app to allow me to use ProtonVPN but discovered it has its own VPN.

On my desktop I have seperate app for firewall, then VPN and antivirus seperately.

Now what i want to know about the Glasswire VPN tunnel is does it encrypt and hide the connection from my ISP, also - is it safe from deep packet inspection?

I ask this since i can no longer hide my ip adress online as I could with ProtoVPN.

I chose to keep using Glasswire to save internet usage.

Thanks in advance…

If you are worried about your ISP doing something to you then I highly recommend getting a new ISP.

I think most people use VPNs if they are going to use public WiFi that is NOT their own ISP.

GlassWire’s Android VPN is not a VPN that sends all your data to our servers so our app absolutely cannot monitor you in any way. Instead, our app is a local VPN on your phone that blackholes Black hole (networking) - Wikipedia the apps you block into your own phone, so they can’t call out. People like this feature because they can save mobile data, and block spying apps.

Google gives us no other way to make a blocking system with Android and Android only allows one VPN at a time, so you’ll need to decide to use our firewall blocking, or a traditional VPN that sends all your data through their servers. Some of our customers use our VPN when they use their own safe networks, but then use a traditional VPN if they have to join a coffee shop WiFi network, or something like that.

Our app collects no data usage info. GlassWire Privacy Policy

I don’t think I don’t need more clarity. But it’s saving me on internet usage…

Thanks for using GlassWire, and we hope we can continue to help you with your phone!