Android Beta Testing Access - Test new unreleased versions!

Want to test new unreleased versions of GlassWire for Android before they are released to the public? Please join our testing group email list here

IMPORTANT: Please sign up with the email address associated with your phone/Google Play account, or you will be unable to test.

Also, when you receive our invite from Google Play you should accept it, or you won’t see the new version.

Once you are signed up you’ll get testing instructions when new versions of GlassWire for Android are released.

Thanks for your help.

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Original version didn’t work for me - no data. Just downloaded beta and now it works.

Looking at another post about android, there was a problem with dual sims that you hoped the beta would fix.

It has. :smiley:


You probably have the public version. We updated everyone. If you feel we’re worthy please leave a review, it really helps us a lot.


Would definitely love to be a beta tester! bugs here i come :stuck_out_tongue:

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Bump it up! We are preparing a new Android beta.

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Sir! Yes Sir! :relaxed:

Will you be sending me mail or will it be a google controlled play beta program?


We will send an email with instructions.

Our beta was finalized and made public for everyone.

You can still join the beta program and you’ll be given new betas when they are available.

I would love to see the Android app as a remote device for my Glasswire install. Is there a roadmap for this feature?


Yes, we’re going to do this at some point.

Awesome, thank you for the quick reply. Do you have a timeline for a release of an Android probe? I have some clients who are interested but being able to monitor their Android devices is a checkbox for them. Or do you have any API insight on how to get this info. I see that the DB is sqlLite. Have any of your clients used other remote collectors on their Android devices and sent the info to Glasswire?


Perhaps we can add it before the year is out. Our Android app is brand new and we’re trying to make it a full featured app on its own first before adding monitoring for PCs.

Thanks for the quick reply. It makes a difference. This brings up another question. Maybe I misunderstood something. I was hoping to add the Android app to the remote monitor section on my windows install. Is this going to be possible?


Yes, it is on our road map to link everything together.

Just a bump for people who want to beta test Android versions!