Android: count Roaming data separately

Please count separately mobile data in:

  • “home” network
  • national roaming (ie. Roaming in other network but same country)
  • international roaming (if possible also split by country/group of countries)

It should also be possible to setup different dataplans for home network, national roaming and international roaming (possibly even by country/group of countries)



Thank you for your feedback. We will try to add this in the future.

I second this. In my data plan I pay for everything I use, because of that it’s also pretty cheap per MB nationally, but not as cheap when I’m abroad, which I’m basically daily because where I work. So I’d love to set up an alarm if I reach x internationally. E.g. I don’t mind if I use a few gigabytes nationally, but I do mind a few hundred megabytes internationally.

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