Android data plans

Should there be a way of assigning a data plan defined in the Android app to a specific SIM card in a dual-sim phone? I saw this was being discussed over a year ago but the option still doesn’t seem to be there. If not then what is the point of being able to define multiple mobile plans at the moment?


Our team bought service from a second mobile provider just to add this feature.

We did work and research, then we found Google’s latest Android changes made counting sim data separately impossible.

Yes, it’s true it was discussed a year ago but if something is impossible due to Android limitations there is nothing we can do to solve it.

So you can’t query Android to see which SIM is being used for mobile data? Then why not allow users to set which SIM is being used?


I wish we could! On the latest Android OS versions you can only count TOTAL data usage from all sims. Google doesn’t let developers separate it currently.

We thought this feature was important so we bought a second mobile service and a dual sim phone just to add it but we found it’s not possible currently, even in the way you describe.

I’m suggesting that you either:

  • allow users to specify which SIM is being used and record data usage against that SIM.
  • if it is possible, it would be even better to provide a feature in Glasswire that actually sets the SIM to use for mobile data.

AFAIK, Android only allows one SIM to use mobile data and the user has to initiate the actual SIM switch. So either feature would be useful.

It sounds crazy but the latest Android versions don’t allow us to count data per SIM. We had to switch to a different API for counting in March and if you use any of the modern Android OS versions it is only possible to count total data used.

I understand that. I’m suggesting that you provide a means for the user to let GlassWire know which SIM is being used for mobile data.

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