Android Feature: identify networks

It would really be useful if Glasswire/Android could not only identify ‘free’ apps and discount their usage as it already does, but

  • identify which network one is connected to and then decide based on that
    which plan to account usage to

That would allow one to
a) state the home network and possibly any partner networks of the local network that are
treated the same
b) detect roaming traffic and not account that usage to the main account (and thus distort the
usage in the home network)
if one was also able to specify which country/networks are accessible in a temporary roaming plan (which one could define, eg All Asian countries, 1G, 3d) then Glasswire could monitor that
and also account the usage against that and alert accordingly

Finally, it wold be nice if GW could have a way to specify free usage time (some plans here allow ‘free weekend usage’, so any data usage during the weekend should not be accounted (or accounted into a separate ‘weekend’ bucket). when in that network



Great ideas! Thanks for your feedback.

Our next major update will separate SIMs and mobile networks on our usage and graph screens. We’re limited to what the Android OS APIs offer so I’m not sure we can see countries though. It may have to be something you’d set manually.

As for country detection, that might be doable using the mnc identifier associated with the SIM? if not:

Identifying networks and adding them to a network profile (collection of nets that should be treated the same) or an active temp plan (like a purchased temp roaming plan) should be fine. It would be good if such plans can be re-used (eg if I purchase an extension to an existing plan if it runs out). It should have the option to start immediately after the previous one expires (either by overuse or when the time it was bought for ends).

Very useful then would be to have an option to block access if one ‘accidentally’ roams into a network that is not in an approved list (eg if near to the border of one’s home country, or a country that was not approved) and to alert accordingly (with the option to add to a list/plan)

Treating wifi networks similarly (group them into network groups that are handled similarly) would also be useful (I may have wifi networks that are metered, others that are home, others that are office and need different security etc)


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Finally regarding usage time. it would be good to allow on to edit the currently used volume
to reset GW’s idea to what the provider has accounted.
Again, the example. I have n GB/month. but i roamed outside and used a specific roaming plan fr that time. GW accounted this usage to my main plan, which it says I am not at 90% of but I am really at only 70% as the roaming usage was not counted for my home network. Instead of waiting for the next rollover I’d like to just edit the usage in GW.

Even better would be if GW could have a history of usage records (with network they were made in) and to let me retroactively ‘move’ each record (in bulk, by tagging, or marking each that matches a network/country) to another plan and then tell GW to recalculate?

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