Android Pie - Cannot enable live bandwidth monitor

Hi all,

I just upgraded to Android Pie and noticed that currently there is no option for showing the current bandwidth usage in the notification view (up until Android 8.1 it was there).

Is this a known issue?


It is a known issue unfortunately. Google made the API we used delayed. They did this on purpose to save device battery usage. We filed a bug report and they marked it as “don’t fix”.

We think we found a way around this and we’re working on it!

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@Servo_GlassWire, great, many thanks for the prompt reply!

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Google also made changes that affect Apps such as Wigle and some WiFi scanning Apps.
See link for more details.

If people want to use Apps that drain the battery, that is none of Googles business, Apps should be allowed to request access to these APis at the USERS request.

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Yes, it’s very upsetting for us. Thanks for including this info that shows it’s not just us that were hurt by this issue.

ver since I switched to pie I’m using about 30% more data than before. The part that troubles me is that I used the last of mobile data last night 2 hours after going to sleep with WiFi enabled and connected. I’m calling Verizon today to see if they can figure it out but I’m suspecting something is up with pie.

Edit: “Switch to mobile data automatically” is not enabled.

Wow seriously downvote to zero not even a minute after I post this with no explanation? What’s that about?

Update: Google was not much help. They looked over my data settings and said everything seems fine. The guy was pretty vague in chat and seemed kinda dodgy. Verizon threw some extra data at me until the end of my cycle pretty much without question which is giving me the skeptical hippo face. I’m going to try what many have suggested and turn off “Mobile data always on” in developer options. It sounds promising.

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Nobody downvoted you. The forum itself decided your post might be spam because it was typed so quickly, or pasted in. Sorry for the issue.

Thanks for your feedback and info.

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to “Network & internet” > “Data usage” > “Data warning & limit”
  • Tap on “App data usage cycle.” This will let you set the day that your account starts its monthly cycle.
  • Back up and toggle “Set data warning” on. You can then enter the data limit — say, 4GB — that you want for your phone.

Instructions to set up data usage for WiFi along with mobile are here for GlassWire.