Android Pie - Cannot enable live bandwidth monitor


Hi all,

I just upgraded to Android Pie and noticed that currently there is no option for showing the current bandwidth usage in the notification view (up until Android 8.1 it was there).

Is this a known issue?



It is a known issue unfortunately. Google made the API we used delayed. They did this on purpose to save device battery usage. We filed a bug report and they marked it as “don’t fix”.

We think we found a way around this and we’re working on it!


@Servo_GlassWire, great, many thanks for the prompt reply!


Google also made changes that affect Apps such as Wigle and some WiFi scanning Apps.
See link for more details.

If people want to use Apps that drain the battery, that is none of Googles business, Apps should be allowed to request access to these APis at the USERS request.



Yes, it’s very upsetting for us. Thanks for including this info that shows it’s not just us that were hurt by this issue.