Android version firewall and buy option

I have the desktop with a code. I’m down with it.
But now I have an Android phone and dl’d it. Is this all it does is show data usage? Can’t I use my code an enable a firewall? I see zero option in this thing other than a data watcher. Please tell me its more than this.


Our Android app is free with no ads, but you can buy themes for .99 cents if you like that option, but it’s not required to use the app.

Our company is only a few years old and our app is a bit new, and we’re still working on adding firewall capabilities.

(Using GW Elite & GW Android.)

It’s also got that Data Plan module which comes in handy for those not on an unlimited data plan or who buy data in chunks as needed.

It’s feature rich and user friendly in ways I haven’t seen in similar apps, third party or System.

And no, I don’t work for GW.

Once more, IMHO, two apps: GW Monitor (as in the current app) and GW Firewall & Monitor.


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@JHefile The android version should at a minimum tell you where the connections are being made. So if I see a bunch of traffic from an app, I want to see where it’s going.

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Sounds like a great idea and we’d like to do it, but unfortunately it would run your phone battery down to zero within an hour or less. However this is just our first blocking version we’re working on and it’ll improve over time.