Android version suggestions

Hi! I have been using the Android version of Glasswire, it seems great so far. I haven’t had any problems whatsoever on my Pixel XL. Some features that I miss from the desktop version which I think would be awesome in the mobile version as well is:

  • Camera and mic monitoring
  • Allow/disallow individual apps

Awesome app so far guys! I would be happy to pay for it.


Thank you for your feedback. We are working on adding some of these features and we’ll have an update out next week with some fixes.

Please leave a review on Google Play if you feel we’re worthy, it helps us a lot!


Could it be possible that GlassWire shows only background data usage? I would like to see which apps are secretly downloading and uploading something.


That’s actually a cool idea. We could how a “background” pull-down menu along with WiFi/Mobile… but then some background traffic may be WiFi and some mobile… so we’d have to think how this might work.

Thanks for your feedback.

Also please note in Android’s settings you can disable background traffic but it can cause problems if you do it for the main OS parts and you may miss updates.

I know that background traffic can be disabled but some apps do not obey that setting. For example Spotify downloaded over 500 MB this month and I have not even logged in. Actually I did not even open that app at all to see how much it actually downloads secretly.

These kind of apps are problem for those who have limited data plan. 500 MB per month for just one app is quite much and GlassWire statistics could help people to contact developers of those apps and ask for better behaving apps.


Hello devs! First I would like to thank you all for an app full of quality and friendly UI. My suggestion is add a Internet Speed Meter on notification’s bar. It would be awesome have this feature to complete its functions. Tnks from Brazil!!!

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Thanks for your feedback. This is a common request and we’re working on it! Our main concern is to keep our battery usage light, so hopefully we can implement this with low battery usage.

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It sound like everyone pretty much wants the same functionality as the firewall on Windows. Is that the direction that the app is heading eventually?

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There were a lot of things we wanted to implement, but we didn’t want to delay the release anymore. We are working on a firewall also.

I have downloaded GlassWire onto my two PCs, and three Android mobiles. My experience is mostly positive but one of the mobiles is a fairly old Motorola Moto G which has Android 5 installed. GlassWire works well except for the fact that it constantly uses between 40% and 50% of my CPU.

I have tried clearing the cache and deleting the data but the only thing that stops it is to do a forced stop but the problem is back again within a few minutes. I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still have the same high CPU usage. I do not have this problem with the Motorola G4 nor the Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus both of which have Android 6.01.

I have had to uninstall it from the MotoG because the high CPU usage made it virtually unusable.


Thank you for your report about GlassWire for your Motorola Moto G. We made some changes and we plan to put out an Android update on Monday or Tuesday. I will post when the update is ready and I hope you’ll try it out.

Some older phones seem to be having a problem where it shows GlassWire for Android uses major battery usage. This is upsetting to us because from the beginning of this project we specifically designed GlassWire for Android so it would use very minimal battery. We’re hoping the new update that’s coming out solves this for you, but if not we have some other things we can try.

Many thanks for your response.

I will certainly reinstall GlassWire on my Moto G when the update comes out and I will report back.

It works very well on the other two mobiles with no problems and I am using the app on a daily basis that’s why I was disappointed when I had to uninstall it from the Moto G.

Thanks again.

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I’ve just installed Glasswire on my Android device and so far I’m very happy with it, beautiful UI!

The only thing I’m really missing so far is a differentiation on the mobile internet between Roaming & Home network use (my contract has different plans for this). At the moment I’m still using another app to monitor this but if this could be added to your app it would be great!

Thanks & keep up the good work!


Thanks for your feedback. We will try to add roaming in the future.