Another I/O thread


Yes I know, I ve read all your documentation about the need to write to the disk the logs and informations about the different hosts etc.

But I’m sorry but you are still way over too much writing. I think your model is wrong. GWCtlSrv.exe is using way too much I/O.
A simple common sense comparaison is that any antivirus/security suite is not using that much I/O
So I clearly think you should revise your position on this. Use much more the RAM than the disk. And put in place a scheduler to actually write some information to the disk at certain given time. And even so glasswire shouldn’t write that much information in the logs. We can take plenty of examples in Linux libraries that does the same jobs and doesn’t Need that’s much I/O.

So please consider this point of view carefully. While update jetbrains and nvidia drivers your control server is using 60MB/s I/O. THIS IS NOT NORMAL NOR SHOULD IT BE NORMAL.

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And it’s also possible that you simply have a bug occurring over time in your control manager.
Since if I force to stop the service and restart it,
It comes back more normal.

As for my other threads, I would like to know if I should report this as bug to your bug email address.

GlassWire is not an antivirus or security suite. GlassWire is a network security monitor and firewall.

To monitor the network and keep logs it must write data, kind of like how Microsoft Word must write down your words when you are writing a paper. An antivirus does not have that kind of functionality.

However, we do understand some people are very serious about resource usage so we’re adding a new mode that will be out in the fall for people such as yourself. Please be on the lookout for our update.