Antivirus + VPN bundle

Dear forum members,

I’m looking for an antivirus + VPN all in one package or bundle. Last year I bought Norton antivirus as they advertised they come with a VPN. And it’s true, I installed the antivirus and turned the VPN on. Then over the next few weeks I noticed I still get really targeted ads to my location. So I went on Google, checked my IP and it pinged to the exact city I was in. After further digging, I discovered that there exists something called IPv4 and IPv6. And while Norton VPN works on IPv4 it doesn’t touch IPv6, so any site capable of looking IPv6 got through the VPN and it was basically useless.

Is there a good antivirus that includes a VPN that supports both protocols? Now I know I could buy an antivirus and VPN separately, but I would really prefer a bundle. Especially since you usually get 3 licenses and I use one to set up and protect my parents computer as well. They’re pretty old and get easily confused with computers and adding more programs would only make it worse. And besides a all in one package is something I would prefer either way.

Thanks for all your help!

I have heard WeVPN is a good VPN service, and we have promoted their service once in our newsletter. PIA (Private Internet Access) is another one that many people use.

I would recommend doing the AV and VPN separately.

The reason is that a good VPN depends a lot on your physical location, so reports of good or bad performance are mostly based on a geographical basis. Like how far you are located from the VPN servers, and what the average ping time is for them.

Some VPN services have more presence in certain countries.

Try out as many full demos or trials as you can (be aware that some free VPNs limit bandwidth and the number of available servers).

If you get lucky and find a good VPN that also is bundled with a respectable AV, then go for it.

On the other hand, you could always go with Windows Defender for the AV (set and forget), and just pick any good VPN.