Any means to save default dashboard?

When Glasswire starts it always goes to the “Graph” dashboard. I’d like to be able to save my config to be “Usage / Apps” is this possible?


When I close GlassWire and re-open it on “usage” it holds that position for me. Do you mean after restart? Maybe we can consider making GlassWire always keeping the same tab viewable. Thanks for your feedback.

correct because “closing” it is really only minimizing it correct? So yes on restart it would be nice to have the option of default or re-open last used or something like that.

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Yes. I just tested on our latest unreleased version and I see now that if I minimize GlassWire (where it disappears to the notification area) and re-open it, then it will remember which tab I was using.

However if I completely exit GlassWire then restart it, it will go to our graph.