Any native French speakers?


I have a question I’d like to ask on our software translation if any native French speakers are available?

Message me privately or reply to this thread, then I will email you.



I"m from Belgium and speak french Ken.



Do you use our Android app by chance, or only our Windows software? Thanks for contacting me!


Only under Win 7 & 8.1 !



Do you ever go to our top left menu and choose the French translation of GlassWire, or just English?


Program is in french on the 2 Pcs.


Thanks. I will message you privately in the forum.


I’m french and I use Glasswire on 3 computers, all windows 10 and I use glasswire elite in french langage.

Best regards

A bientôt peut-être !



Thanks so much! It so happens we found someone to help and I should close this but thanks for your offer and I’ll get in touch if we need someone again.

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