API / SDK / Remote Collector

If there is a way to initiate a remote connection to another machine running the software, can you / will you all considering running that as a service so that I can have it work on, say, a Raspberry Pi or integrate it into an Access Point from a manufacturer, so that I can use that as I remote monitor for a customers network?

I am in to test, help, deploy, beta, etc. Lemme know. This would be insanity.

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https://www.glasswire.com/userguide/#Remote_Monitoring GlassWire has a remote monitoring feature. Please try it out and let us know what you think.

Unfortunately it doesn’t monitor the entire network but we’re looking at doing that in the future. There are some threads about that in the forum.

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I see what you’re doing here. (I think)

If Glasswire is installed on a pc, then with “Remote Monitoring”, I an push alerts out to a central monitoring pc. And if Glasswire is on all my pc’s at work, they can all send alerts back to my pc.

Well phase one is collecting the data. Phase 2 is how to sift the useful from the noise.

I’m enjoying Glasswire. Keep it up!