Apology owed to Katie_GlassWire

Several months ago I went on a rant (directed at a very undeserving Katie) because I was confused and thought that the new policy, pricing and merchant changes meant that the legacy users were going to be forced to pay over 2x more than they had since Day 1 as soon as their next subscription anniversary rolled over.

I see I misunderstood and want to just say that you are a paragon of patience who goes out of their way to help clients and customers. You got ranted on because I was mistaken. Customer service champs like you don’t deserve that.

A belated and sincere apologies to you, Katie. My anger was misplaced and unwarranted. I’m ashamed I so unjustly made the (pleasant and attentive!) person you are have to read that!!

Alex C (#9E601235…)