App blocked by firewall, still shows ads

Why can an app actually display ads even though they are completely blocked by the firewall and the app’s cache and data have also been deleted?

Is this for our Android app or our Windows app? For Android, some ads can run through Google Play itself somehow… I have noticed that also.

If it’s Windows, maybe it’s running through Edge or IE or something? Some apps run ads through the default browser, or maybe they are static built in ads specifically to avoid ad blockers.

Thanks for the reply, I mean the Android Version.

However, it looks like the downloaded ads are attributed to the corresponding app and not to a Google service.

Maybe take a look at Ad Blocker for Android by AdGuard for rooted and unrooted devices | AdGuard (paid version). They have a sort of firewall and the app is made for adblocking. If the options of the firewall are enough for you is up to you. If you look you will find pretty cheap legit lifetimelicenses for it.

If apps are displaying ads, I suspect it’s Google Play services which most developers subscribe to for making money for their free apps. If it’s just one specific app, pay for an ad-free version.

Try blocking Google Play services to see if that stops the ads. However, blocking that full time is not a Good Idea.

I’ve used licensed AdGuard on my devices for about seven years. It works, but learning curve is steep; see their knowledge base as it is far more that just an ad blocker. It has a firewall, just to point out one feature. And you’ll have to give up the GW firewall and use it as a free version as I do.

Good luck.

Thanks for the tips.

I’m not really interested in the ad-blocking function of Glaswire, I was just curious and the one app offered itself as a test.

I’m just testing Glaswire’s paid features to see if they’re worth it, and unfortunately I don’t think so at the moment.

Is there any difference at all, whether I use the firewall of Glasswire, or simply turn off the data usage in the respective app settings?

I didn’t know one could do that. Explain, please. In apps’ settings, in Android 11 on my 5G T-Mobile google thing, all I find is where “Enable use of mobile data in the background” can be toggled.

GW has no ad-blocking function.

OK, then it’s probably a special option at Honor, I can find this in die apps Info under “Datennutzung”:

Sorry, translation fault: I’m not really interested in a ad-blocking function