App details popup window dissmiss by ESC key in Firewall tab

Hello Developers,
I spend a some more time in “Firewall” tab and get some details about apps on list. Little window popup with app details is a great feature, for example:

But when popup is visible I cannot easyily dissmiss it by using my keyboard. GW require to click outside popup and this is little frustrating because browsing process of several apps is not too smooth and fast in my opinion. For example I cannot easily browse next app on list (below current one).

I think “ESC key feature” will resolve this inconvenience. This is more flexible and intuitive. ESC key closes little popup window with app details and I can again browse list of apps.
Thanks in advance for your reply regarding this little tiny feature. :wink:

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Thanks for your feedback @par, I will share it with our team. Due to the UI tools we use, unfortunately there are some things we can’t do easily in some cases.

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