Are memory issues still present?

I was away for a while, waiting for the memory issues to get fixed, but it still goes above 140,000K. Is that normal ? Can I do something on my end besides clearing the history in order to remedy it ? Thank you!

The memory issue is mostly due to using Bit-torrent or other applications that use a lot of simultaneous network connections. We found a solution to help with the problem and we hope to release an update in the next month or so that helps.
We’ll have another update out soon that will have some new features but won’t help yet with the memory usage.

2/18/15 I am new to the forum, I found under Commit Memory:
GlassWire.exe = 120,032 KB
GWCtlSrv.exe = 55,516 KB
Total = 175,548 KB

Do you use BitTorrent?

Please try the update we released this morning and see if you notice any improvements. Please note the release AFTER this one should have significant improvements on memory, but you may not necessarily see improvements with this one.

Any estimate on when that may be? I like the program a lot, since the initial release; but I still can’t use it until there’s a fix for the high memory usage.

We hope to have another update in around 30-45 days that will help a lot, then at some point we’re working on rewriting how parts of the software work to fix the problem permanently.