Arp Spoof Detection not working


I have been testing GlassWires efficiency on detecting ARP spoofing attacks but I don’t know why but my ARP spoofing detection has suddenly stopped working for some reason. I am capturing the packets on Wireshark and am sure the attack is occurring. I tried rescanning my devices on the “Things” section and even after my arp table shows a change it isn’t changing on GlassWire.

It’s alright I reinstalled the app and selected the clear all data/settings option and that seemed to fix the error for me. Regular re-installation does not work (if anyone has this error).

Sorry for the issue. Is it possible the setting was off under settings/security?

Nope, the setting was definitely turned on, I even tried switching it on and off a couple of times and restarting my computer but even that didn’t work. Could be a potential bug I will be happy to provide you with any more information you need