ARP Spoofing Detection

I’m wondering if anyone is able to help me understand what’s happening when I receive notice of “ARP Spoofing Detection”. Typically once per day I’ll receive notice ARP table contents changed resulting in the mac address of my ip being changed to a new mac address but seconds later another report changes it back to the previous mac address. These sessions will vary between 15-180 minutes. During this time my internet connection is bogged down and sometimes connectivity is lost, recovered, then lost.

I’ve tried to work with my internet service provider but they are less than helpful. Quite recently I’ve noticed the new mac address being assigned appears to be that of my primary computer. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you. [Premium version 3.3.522 of Glass wire]

Hello Dewbear, go to your security settings and select [Report Only New Unknown Devices] Hope that helps. :grinning:

Thanks Batpup - I checked and that is my current setting. I still don’t understand why this happens on a sporadic basis. I appreciate your suggestion. Thank you.

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Try turning off all your devices (Including your phone) except your PC. Wait 30 to 40 Mins. see if it’s still occurring. If not, then turn on each device and wait 10 mins. between each. Watch and see which device starts the problem. That’s the device that’s causing the problem. It could be someone has hacked that device. That’s the only other thing I can think of. Good luck. :grinning: If that doesn’t help then is the people who can help you with the problem.

I appreciate your helpful suggestions and will try that approach the next time this event occurs. Thank you

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