ARP Spoofing? Video Doorbell

Kind of weird, need someone who knows what they are doing (unlike me!)-

Looking at my “Log Analysis” i found that in the IP assigned to my Dahua video doorbell (similar to a Ring doorbell), the MAC changed, bringing up an ARP spoofing warning.

Anyone here know a legit reason for this, or is it time for me to reach out to Dahua support?
Screenshot 2023-09-19 103927

I would check and see if they have upgraded the system. It still would be unusual for them to change the MAC Address even on an upgrade. :grinning:

Thank you Batpup! I highly agree; as to my understanding over the years (decades), the MAC address follows/is assigned to the hardware. My fundamental question is “What do i do now???”! :slight_smile:

I would get in touch with the company and talk with them. They may have an email you can get in touch with them.