Ask to Connect - Granularity of Access or Temporary Access?

I just purchased this app for the Ask to Connect feature, but it seems to be very limited in functionality compared to other firewalls with this feature, either that or I’m missing something.

On a new connection shouldn’t Ask to Connect give me some options?
Allow temporarily or always.
Allow to this IP/domain or All
Allow on this Port/Protocol or All

Little Snitch is what I use on OSX and that is how that software works.
There is often need of temporary access or granularity of access, which is on of the major points of ask to connect.
Right now it seems to be an all or nothing proposition.

Is this possible with this software?
If not are you going to be adding this feature soon?



Hello Joshua,

We have thought about adding some of the same options as Little Snitch but so far we haven’t had many people request that. We’re monitoring user feedback and we’ll consider adding functionality like Little Snitch in the future. Thanks for your feedback.

Ah, thanks for the quick reply.
I was under the impression that was how Ask to Connect worked from my previous experiences.

Please do consider this as that is a crucial feature for me and those who want apps to have restricted access to only specific locations.


Please I need this in order to make the purchase. I’ve been a happy Little Snitch customer for 8 years, and this is what I lack for my Windows 10 computers. Where I can vote this?


A post here is a vote because our entire team reads this. Thanks for your feedback!

I realize this is an old thread, but I’m evaluating GlassWire and came to ask the same question :slight_smile: Figured I should “vote” for this as well. We also use LittleSnitch on our OS X machines, and the granularity of being able to limit access in the way it provides is crazy-useful. Thanks!

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Add this at least, please.


Working on it. Thanks!


Just wanted to cast my vote. Finding and removing the programs within the firewall tab is fun and all, but takes time.

I too would like to vote for this! I’m a huge fan of Little Snitch and would like this granularity with your product on Windows as well. Thanks!