Ask to Connect not asking anymore?

Seemed to start on the latest (2.3.444) release. It’s automatically blocking everything instead. Changing the options, toggling the firewall off and on do not resolve the issue.

May have resolved the issue…

If it happens to anyone else:

  • Changed from Ask to Connect to Click to Block
  • Using UI, turned firewall off, then back on
  • Changed back to Ask to Connect from Click to Block.
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I always reset the Windows firewall to defaults at every version upgrade, but keep my GlassWire settings and history.

So far have not had any firewall weirdness with any upgrades after doing so.

Do you do that?

I am experiencing the same issues after the latest update to 2.3.444. I also did what Tarun suggested… it worked indeed, but only once.
I have already reinstalled Glasswire/clean install/reset defaults all done without any effect. However It is working for a short time right after a restart or a reinstallation, but then it just stops working, no notifications anymore.

Ok looks like i was wrong… it is still working, but the popup window is just not in the foreground anymore… see