Ask to Connect problem

I was trying to duplicate a problem with [Ask To Connect] because it’s causing a False positive with Windows Defender and this is what I got …,

It won’t let me use it.


If you go to our top left menu and choose “About”, what version of GlassWire do you have?

Also, could you send me a private picture of your firewall by clicking my name in the forum? It will help me see what’s blocked so we can try to recreate the issue.

Do you use any other firewall software, or have you used any in the past?

I have 2.3.323 and I do not use any other firewalls. I have used FWs about 10 years ago but quit using other firewalls. :grinning:

Thanks, we will try to reproduce this.

just had the same error on the install and enable of firewall of Version 2.3.335
it was not a clean install for me and already on ‘ask to connect’



Sorry for the problem. Can you give a list of Microsoft related apps that you are blocking with your firewall? It might help us find the issue. Thanks!


looks like I’m blocking quite a lot, I just re-installed the new version to test the Xbox Game Pass fix (UWP games account login issues - #4 by Ken_GlassWire)

screenshots of blocklist here

far too much on here… >.<

also the error on my ‘windows security’ - simply allowing it works fine and seems to automate the rules on windows firewall fine again :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting this. I don’t see anything obvious in the list of apps, but perhaps the false positive description itself will help our team investigate.


Our team asked if you might remember what version number of GlassWire you used previously?

hi - in the other thread (about UWP games) I upgraded to Version 2.2.304
after that, I un-installed GW for a month or so as I got bored of turning it off and on. Installed V2.3.335 on top of what was left (appears all my settings were intact.

Sounds like @Batpup might have come from a different version / fresh install?


Thanks @hintonian I will share this info with our team.