Ask to Connect Question


I have never heard of that being an issue. Do you have unusual permissions set up on your PC?

Thank you. I am not aware if my permissions settings are unusual in some way, nor am I even sure that permissions is the thing causing this problem. It’s just that I have sometimes seen problems be resolved by changing a file or folder’s owner to Administrators (which group my user name is a member of), and assuring that group has “full control.” I tried applying that setting to the C:\ProgramData\Glasswire folder and files with no improvement in the issue, however.

I don’t believe it will make any difference. I think it’s somehow related to the API we use.

I think you sent some logs and our team will check them tomorrow.

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@Ken_GlassWire I still say there is a bug, but replication is always an issue at times.

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I replied to your email with some additional instructions. We think that perhaps when you backup and re-introduce your previous settings after doing a clean install it’s causing the problem.

We’d like to ask that you do a purely “clean” install without your old files added back to the installation, then see if “ask to connect” works or not.

Perhaps there could be a utility program that would just allow import and export of data without also copying settings? Just a thought.


@csdfg2 I agree, that’s a great idea!