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Sorry my englisch is not very well.

I think about buying a licens.

1 Question, it is possible to allow a connection only for 1 time (hour or next restart etc), and if is not how the chances that you will implement it in the furture?

And by the way the prices are a little bit “heavy”, ok its a on time thing, but i need 2 licenses than i have to pay 100 Euro. 30 pro licens i would be much more willing to pay.

Have a nice day & Good Work!

  1. It’s not possible currently but we hope to add this in the future.

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I hope it will implement.

Thank You & Goodbye

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Requesting this feature. I’d like to run an installer which downloads from the internet. I’d like to allow it for N minutes/hours, until reboot and until the application exits.

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great Idea, I support this

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