Audit Windows Server Folder/Files for GDPR

hi, i am looking if your application can support monitoring into a LAN of users accessing folders and files on a windows server (with or without DOMAIN controller), in order to use it for GDPR compliance.

Do you have anything like that?



No, we don’t do that but I bet there is a Windows Group Policy of some type that can do that.

yeah i have that, but is a pain in the @ss to monitor it. I was hopping for something graphical and nice and cool like what you already have for network traffic. :sweat_smile:

maybe you will consider this in a future version?

thanks for your reply.

There is a lot of software for monitoring files in Windows but it is difficult to recommend one without knowing what you are actually trying to do.

What exactly are you wanting to monitor?

  • which user accesses (opens and reads) which file or folder?
  • which user changes (creates, writes or deletes) which file or folder?

How would graphical presentation of the data be useful? It would be much more difficult to present a graph of monitor file access and changes in Windows for two reasons. There is no standardized metric equivalent to network throughput, i.e. bits per second. There is no file monitoring API (application programming interface) equivalent to the Windows network monitoring API.

Here’s a well-known Microsoft utility for monitoring and logging file and process (including programs) activity.This utility will probably be far too detailed for your purposes but It is a good place to start the search for other utility software that will better meet your needs.

So to help you in your search, here’s the best list of free security software I’ve seen. It includes a sub-list of software for “File/folder (hard disk activity) monitoring” and there are Other potentially useful sub-lists including “Event/log viewers”, “Monitor registry and file changes” and “System monitoring and diagnostic”. Note that the license for each program varies from totally free software to software that is free to a limited number of users, free to home or non-commercial users, or has a limited set of features.

If access is only using Microsoft Office then Microsoft have at least one solution:

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actually when i said visual, i didnt mean any kind of graph with Y and X or something like that. but a little nicer representation of the changes that can be easily spotted by human eye and not a plain text in a huge grid.

i would have created my self a tool for read the windows events log if i had the time, but eventually i found my solution in the software called Disk Pulse Ultimate. Not so modern U.I but gets the job done with lots of rules, email and other notifications, and lightweight so far when it comes to monitor folders.

thanks for your effort thought

i will buy the GlassWire pro to be covered on the intrusion / network side of things when doing my GDPR implementations.