Auto-renewed subscription, cannot find old account info

Used the software for like 6 months, i remember I chose CANCEL autorenew when I had the account, still got billed
As the title says, just got scammed out of 53 euro for a software that I cannot use.
NO email received for password reset, thus I created this account.
Any way to fix this or should I take it to the bank

Hi @Ivo_Nik,

We have located your license, this was a yearly subscription purchased via Cleverbridge, the third party seller of our legacy licenses. We have now submitted your request to cancel the subscription for this license and for a refund to be processed.

To confirm, registering a GlassWire account has been introduced with version 3.0 in november 2022, for the purpose or purchasing our new license types, Premium, and it is not related to the account you used to purchase licenses on Cleverbridge. This is why you did not receive an email to rest your password, you do not have a GlassWire account.

Please allow 5 business days for the to refund to be processed.