Auto rescan virustotal

As I know sometimes infected files maybe check as good in VIRUSTOTAL like many Anti-Virus Brand which not yet have a signature yet.

So Should it better to have the feature to rescan the file again each week or month to make sure that the file is really clean.


You can rescan files under our firewall if you wish, just go to the file and mouse over “analyze” and re-scan. We don’t offer rescanning under a schedule but thanks for your feedback on this.

This isn’t a feature that will be much help. Better to use a dedicated AV scanner:

  • GlassWire isn’t an antivirus so it lacks necessary features such as quarantining dangerous files.

  • GlassWire only scans network programs so it isn’t comprehensive enough to rely on.

It would be nice if they atleast display the date of the VT result. It worthless to know that my file was scanned 2 month ago on VT and considered clean. Such an old result is not helpfull.
Not talking about clicking every info icon in the firewall list to check for a date. That would be to annoying.